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2017 CSMTA National Education Conference and AGM

Oct 20-22nd 2017- Hampton Inn and CCMH in Halifax, NS

Conference Schedule Overview 

2017 CSMTA - Halifax AGM Package -Final.pdf

Friday October 20, 2017       

8:00 AM -  6:00 PM    Sport First Responder (@ Coastal Sports & Wellness)

6:30 PM – 8:30 PM     CSMTA AGM 

Saturday October 21, 2017    

8:00 AM -  6:00 PM    Sport First Responder (@ CCMH Halifax)

8:00 AM -  5:00 PM    Rock Tape

8:30 AM – 5:30 PM     Advance Sport Massage Course

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM   LUNCH         

7:00 PM                      Social  ***more details to come***

Sunday October 22, 2017   

8:00 AM -  6:00 PM     Sport First Responder (@ CCMH Halifax)

9:00 AM -  5:00 PM     Manual Shoulder

8:30 AM – 5:00 PM     Advance Sport Massage Course

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM   LUNCH 

Online Registration Here       

Conference Options

                                                              Full Conference 

Option 1 – Advanced Sport Massage Course

registration fees

A - $500 before September 22nd and $550 after September 22nd for Certification (CSMTA member)

B - $450 before September 22nd and $500 after September 22nd for Recertification or Student

C -$550 before September 22nd and $600 after September 22nd for Non-CSMTA members

Saturday and Sunday from 8:30AM to 5:30 PM

Lunch and snacks are included.

*Course is bilingual*

Option 2 Sport First Responder

registration fees

A - $675 for Certification 

B - $475 before September 22nd and $525 after September 22nd for Re-certification

Certification is a 3 days and recertification is 2 days from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

(Friday the 20th, the course will be at Coastal Sport and Wellness, Saturday and Sunday it will be at CCMH Halifax)


Lunch and snacks are provided on the Saturday and Sunday only.

(full certification 1st day location is indicated bellow, 2nd & 3rd day will be at CCMH )

Option 3  Rock Tape & A Manual Approach to Common Shoulder Conditions

registration fees

$380 before September 22nd and $430 after September 22nd 

To Register for the Rock Tape portion of the course you need to go to


Use coupon code “csmta17” for CSMTA members to get an additional $50 off

Lunch and snacks are included.


                                                                        PARTIAL CONFERENCE

Option 4Rock Tape

Registration fees

$349 before September  22nd and $399 after September  22nd

To Register for this course you need to go to http://shop.rocktapecanada.com/Seminars_c_197-2.html

Use coupon code “csmta17” for CSMTA members to get an additional $50 off

Lunch and snacks are included with an additional $30 registration fee.


Option 5 – A Manual Approach to Common Shoulder Conditions

Registration fees

$350 before September 22nd and $400 after September 22nd

Lunch and snacks are included.

  Registration Overview                     

Options 1,2 3 Full Conference

Options 4 and 5 Partial Conference

Before September 22, 2017

After September 22, 2017

Option 1A – Certification & CSMTA member



Option 1B – Recertification or Student



Option 1C – Non-member



Option 2A - Certification



Option 2B - Recertification



Option 3

$380 + registration at Rock Tape website ($349)

$430 + registration at Rock Tape website ($399)

Option 4

$30 + registration at Rock Tape website ($349)

$30 + registration at Rock Tape website ($399)

Option 5



CSMTA Social Event



Total Registration fee                                                   $ ____________

Method of Payment:        Interact E Transfer               PayPal                  Cheque

Click below to download 2017 Educational Conference Package and registration

2017 CSMTA - Halifax AGM Package -Final.pdf

Mail registration form and cheque to:  CSMTA National Office,

                                                                  Suite 469 - 420 Main St.E

                                                                  Milton Ontario Canada

          L9T 5G3

Conference Confirmation and Cancellation Policy

Upon receipt of your registration form and full payment you will receive confirmation on registration with agenda by email. Receipts will be issued after the conference by email. All cancelations must be received by October 1st, 2017. An administration fee of $100.00 will be retained on cancellations for any reason. Non-attendance at conference or cancellations received after October 1st 2017 will not be eligible for refund.

Online Registration Here

Conference Workshops

Rock Tape:  FMT BASIC Kinesiology Taping Certification: ‘Taping Movements, Not Muscles’

Conor P. Collins BHSc. RMT DipSIT 

CEU CREDITS: 8 hours

CEUs may be offered for DC, ATC, PT, LMTs and personal trainers – depending on location and class type.


This course introduces the concept of movement therapy and enhancement via functional taping methods. It includes a review of the current literature supporting the theory of kinesiology taping for the purposes of rehabilitation, edema/swelling management, neuropathic pain, scar mobility and postural management. FMT Basic is an evidence-informed kinesiology taping course that redefines our understanding of the effects of elastic therapeutic taping on pain mitigation, circulation and proprioception. FMT Basic lays the groundwork for a practical framework of ‘taping movement, not muscles’ to replace an outdated model focused on directional taping to activate or inhibit muscles.

This course is intended for practitioners and therapists with all levels of experience with taping. All supplies needed for the course are provided.

Functional Movement Techniques (FMT) Certification courses are led by industry leading experts in movement assessment and therapy.

Education Objectives of FMT Basic:

At the conclusion of the course, attendees will be able to:

1. Discuss the physiological effects of kinesiology taping

2. Demonstrate functional taping and understand its role and use for the applications of rehabilitation, edema management, neuropathic pain, scar mobility, and posture improvement. 3. Demonstrate and discuss the concept of a longitudinal muscle chain approach to the elastic therapeutic taping and a myofascial sequencing model of “Taping movements, not muscles.”

A Manual Approach to Common Shoulder Conditions – Jonathan Maister, BSS(U.C.T.), CCAT(C), RMT, SMT(C)

CEU CREDITS:  unknown at this time – stay tuned

CEUs may be offered for DC, ATC, PT, LMTs and personal trainers


This course will address common shoulder injuries such as bursitis, Impingement and tendonitis. We will review these conditions along with the role of body mechanics and applied anatomy. Having done that we shall implement a combination of proven manual techniques to treat these conditions successfully. This course will broaden the therapist’s knowledge of shoulder anatomy, injury and rehabilitation by expanding on components often overlooked in Massage Therapy Education such as applied anatomy, biomechanics and the real world implementation of manual techniques. These techniques include mobilizations, stretching, fascial work, strength work and PNF patterns.

Too many workshops emphasis the physical implementation of techniques rather than the rationale behind their usage. In this instance, understanding the conditions/injuries will be covered comprehensively, and the magic of manual work explored in detail in making the quantum difference to the athlete.  A primary objective of this presentation is to reinforce these skills, especially their clinical significance, and introduce new ones while applying them in real clinical and athletic situations. Attendees will come away with a deep understanding of shoulder conditions and a profound boost to their treatment skills.

The workshop will be structured as +\- 45 min of academic review. This is a prerequisite for conceptual understanding. Participants will require vests/singlets/sports bras for the synopsis of applied anatomy, mechanics and assessment. The balance of the workshop will be the physical execution of and specific order of modalities.  Treatment/Massage tables and 1 pillow, 1 towel will be necessary.

This unique full day workshop has been presented on many occasions with extremely positive feedback. Elements of it was presented with equally positive response at the recent CATA conference in Niagara Falls.

Sports First Responder - JOHN BOULAY, B.Sc., CAT(C), PCP, DO (Q)


    Certification (30-44hrs)

     Re-Certification (20hrs)


An intensive course for health care providers who respond to pre-hospital emergencies in a sports setting. The Canadian Red Cross curriculum of 40-44hrs is covered with credit given for prior knowledge. The course is enhanced with additional sports medicine content necessary for effective field interventions.

Course Content:

     •          Emergency Medical Services (EMS/911) system

     •          Role as First Responder, legal aspects, disease transmission

     •          Responder/ home team responsibilities

     •          Reporting, communication protocols

     •          Equipment, tools, supplies, guidelines

     •          ILCOR 2010 and PHTLS 2011 applications

     •          Health Care Provider - CPR/AED

     •          Primary care survey: U-Glasgow/ AVPU

     •          UCABd, airway access, equipment extrication

     •          Faceguard/ helmet removal/ re-alignment

     •          Obstructed airway, Heimlich

     •          Airway adjuncts: oral-naso-pharyngeal

     •          Ventilation: pocket mask, bag-valve-mask (2-person)

     •          Oxygenation: cylinder, regulator, masks, cannula

     •          Suction: manual/mechanical

     •          Secondary Survey: DEFG, protocols, vital signs

     •          Hemorrhage control: capillary, venous, arterial, direct pressure, tourniquet (uncontrolled arterial)

     •          Wounds: care, dressing, bandaging, protection

     •          Soft tissue management, msk, amputation

     •          Head trauma: Traumatic Brain Injury mild/severe

     •          Facial/ ant. neck/ chest/ ribs/ viscera/ pelvis/ genitals

     •          Fracture management, alignment

     •          Spinal: assessment/ immobilization/ packaging

     •          Football/ Hockey spinal care guidelines

     •          Respiratory: asthma, COPD, hyperventilation

     •          Medical: cardiac, CVA, seizures, diabetes

     •          Shock: physiological/ electrical, Epi-pen, Twinject

     •          Burns: superficial, partial/ full thickness, scalds, electrical

     •          Drowning/ submersion

     •          Hyperthermia/ hypothermia/ frost nip/ frostbite

     •          Moves, lifts, transfers, practical simulations

     •          Multiple casualty, triage, exams

Advanced Sport Massage - Remo Bucci RMT, SMT (C) – CSI

CEU CREDITS:  unknown at this time – stay tuned

CEUs may be offered for DC, ATC, PT, LMTs and personal trainers


This course is ideal for Massage Therapists and other Allied Health Care Professionals, who like to improve their knowledge and skills when working with athletes at any level, whether it is at a training or competition venue or in your very own clinic.  This highly practical course will provide participants with Sport Massage theory and numerous practical techniques that can be immediately utilized with athletic teams or with individual athletes at sporting events or in your own Clinic.  

This course also provides excellent information that will be extremely useful in preparation for the CSMTA practical certification examination. 


               Pre-event massage - theory and techniques  

               Post-event massage - theory and techniques  

               Inter-event massage - theory and techniques  

               Event Coverage Protocol  

               Anatomical and Physiological considerations  

               Psychological Considerations   

               Sport Specific Approaches  

               Special Circumstances and Applications of Sport Massage techniques in a variety of situations   

               Role of a Sport Massage Therapist  

               Sport Massage in Canada 




The Participants will gain: 

               An appreciation for the value of Sport Massage and its similarities or differences to classical massage 

               A competency in several basic massage techniques: 

              Compressions, cross-fibre massage, jostling, effleurage and petrissage, 

               A competency in the theory and techniques of pre-event, post-event and inter-event Sport Massage  

               An effective protocol when covering an athletic event  

               A quick and concise method of gathering useful information to make the Sport Massage session more efficient  

               An understanding of the specific indications and contraindications for a variety of Sport Massage circumstances 

               An understanding of the physiological and psychological effects of Sport Massage  

               The ability to provide the athletes of the sports with an excellent quality of massage  


Course Instructor Bios

Jonathan Maister, BSS(U.C.T.), CCAT(C), RMT, SMT(C)

 Jonathan has a successful private practice in Markham, Ontario. He specializes in manual therapy with his own innovative application of hands-on techniques. He is active as a writer being a regular contributor to journals and newsletters in the Massage Therapy, and Athletic Therapy domains and he has taught at two Colleges of Massage Therapy. 

Jonathan's entertaining and informative workshops have been presented across Canada at conferences of the Registered Massage Therapist Association of Ontario, Canadian Sport Massage Therapists Association and the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association. They have been recognized for their exploration of the fundamentals of body mechanics, and the implementation of familiar hands-on techniques in innovative ways to make that quantum difference to the athlete's status. He has served as Ontario President and Vice President for the Canadian Sport Massage Therapists Association and chairs the Education Committee nationally in the organization.

Conor P. Collins BHSc. RMT DipSIT 

Conor is in his 10th year of manual therapy and movement education. As both a massage therapist and sports injury therapist, Conor provides a unique approach to clinical practice combining disciplines of manual therapy integrated with movement based rehabilitation strategies. 

 With almost of a decade of taping experience, Conor applies new concepts of movement based taping to existing taping protocol to achieve the best possible result. Outside of clinical practice Conor instructs upcoming manual therapists at the college level. 

 During his career, he has also had the pleasure of managing athletes and consulting for national level and club teams in both the NHL and NCAA. Conor shares a special clinical interest in concussion management and has spent many years treating endurance tri-athletes and runners. 

John Boulay, B.Sc., CAT(C), PCP, DO (Q)

Certified Athletic Therapist / Primary Care Paramedic

John is a certified Athletic Therapist (Concordia-B.Sc.), Paramedic (Dawson EMT-PCP), and registered Osteopath (CEO-DO). He specializes in the pre-hospital emergency care of sports injuries and pioneered sports first responder courses across Canada some 20 years ago.

He is a part-time faculty member and teaches sports trauma courses at three universities (Concordia, Sherbrooke, UQTR). John also lectures at national and international conferences and is active in trauma related research and has published. He regularly trains staff of NHL, CFL and national teams, as well as Cirque du Soleil therapists world-wide.

He has field trauma care experience in sport as well as over 10 years as part-time primary care paramedic with Urgences Santé on both ambulance and physician response vehicles to major calls around Montréal.

For over 20 years he was the national and Olympic team therapist for Judo Canada and has responded to many serious spinal and head trauma cases. He initiated a concussion prevention and management program at national level for Judo Canada in response to several head-injury deaths across Canada.

John is the founding past president and current director of the Quebec Sports Medicine Council and has been on Canadian health care teams for over 15 multi-sport Games, including the Olympics, Paralympic, PanAm, Francophone, Commonwealth, FISU, and Canada Games. He was chair of the CTSQ concussion committee and is a member of the CATA High Performance Committee.John Boulay is a certified Athletic Therapist (Concordia-B.Sc.), Paramedic (Dawson College-EMT), and a registered Osteopath (CEO-DO). He specializes in the emergency care of sports injuries and pioneered Sports First Responder courses across Canada.


Certified Athletic Therapist, Advanced Care Paramedic

Currently working as an advanced care paramedic in the province of Nova Scotia.

Graduate Concordia University: Exercise science; specialized in Athletic Therapy

First Graduating class from Pre Hospital Emergency Care (John Abbott College) Teams: Concordia, Bishops, McGill University, John Abbott CEGEP varsity teams.

Instructor: CPR, AED, EPI, SFR, EMR

Remo Bucci, RMT, SMT(C)

 Remo has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 1995, a Certified Sport Massage Therapist since 2000, and taught Sport Massage since 2009 for the CSMTA.  Remo had also taught Massage Therapy for 17 years, focusing his teaching in Treatments, Assessment, Remedial Exercise, and Anatomy. Remo incorporates what he has taught into his treatments along with Osteopathic techniques, Active Isolated Stretching, Performance taping, and Thai Massage.   

 Remo has been a member of the Integrated Support Team for Athletics Canada since 2010.  He was selected for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil, 2015 IAAF World Championship in China, 2015 IPC World Track & Field Championship in Qatar, 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto, 2014 World Junior IAAF Championships in USA, 2013 IPC World Track & Field Championship in France, 2011 Para Pan Am Games in Mexico, and 2011 IPC World Track and Field Championship in New Zealand. As part of the Canadian Core Medical Team, Remo has gone to the 2006 Winter Olympics in Italy, 2005 European Para Track and Field in Finland, 2004 Summer Paralympics in Greece and for the 2003 Summer University Games in South Korea.  

Remo is currently the Chair for the CSMTA’s Examination and Certification Committee.  He treats out of Club Physio Plus in Oakville.  He also treats out of the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario in Greater Toronto Area where he treats elite national and provincial athletes, as well as supporting teams such as Athletics Canada, Cycling Canada (indoor track cycling) and Swim Canada. 

Online Registration Here

Accommodation & Location Information

1st day SFR location :

Coastal Sports & Wellness Inc.

15 Dartmouth Road, Suite 200, Bedford NS B4A 3X6

Website : https://coastalsportsandwellness.com

Directions to Coastal Sports & Wellness Inc.

Airport to Coastal Sports & Wellness

From the New Brunswick border

From Hampton Inn & Homewood Suites

-Get on NS-102 S from Bell Blvd

-Follow NS-102 S to Nova Scotia Trunk 1 E in Bedford

-Continue on Nova Scotia Trunk 1 E, drive to Dartmouth Rd/Nova Scotia Trunk 7 E

-Get on Trans Canada Hwy/NB-2 E

-Follow Trans Canada Hwy and NS-102 S to Nova Scotia Trunk 1 E in Bedford

-Continue on Nova Scotia Trunk 1 E, drive to Dartmouth Rd/Nova Scotia Trunk 7 E

-Get on NS-111 S from Barrington St

-Follow NS-111 S to Victoria Rd/NS-322 in Dartmouth. Take exit 2W form NS-111 S

Merge onto Victoria Rd/NS-322

-Drive to Nova Scotia Trunk 7 in Bedford


-Take Angus L. Macdonald Bridge/Macdonald Bridge and Victoria Rd/Victoria Rd Ext to Windmill Rd/Nova Scotia Trunk 7 W in Burnside, Dartmouth

-Drive to Nova Scotia Trunk 7 in Bedford

Restaurants that are close :

Sunnyside Restaurant

Thai Garden Restaurant

Cha Baa

True North Diner



Finbar’s Irish Pub

2017 AGM location :


1960 Brunswick Street, Halifax, NS B3J 2G7 Canada

(902) 407-9961

Website : http://homewoodsuites3.hilton.com/en/hotels/nova-scotia/homewood-suites-by-hilton-halifax-downtown-nova-scotia-canada-YHZDWHW/index.html

*Rooms will be blocked off for our group, please stay tuned for more information*

Guests of the Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites in downtown Halifax will enjoy the following services and amenities during their stay with us:

·         Complimentary daily hot buffet breakfast.

·        Complimentary light evening social consisting of light fare and non-alcoholic beverages exclusively for Homewood guests Mon. to Thu. 5:30-7:30pm in the Homewood Lodge.

·         Complimentary access to high-speed wireless Internet in all guest rooms and common areas.

·         Secured and covered parking available, as well as reserved premium spaces for Hilton HHonors Diamond Members. Parking is an additional cost.

·         24/7 business centre, featuring complimentary printing.

·         Access to our state-of-the-art fitness centre and heated indoor pool, featuring natural light.

·         Complimentary 24/7 fresh, hot coffee and tea available in each lobby.

·         24/7 Suite Shop available in each lobby – a one-stop-shop for snacks and missing toiletries.

·         Hilton Honors Points for HHonors Members.

Hotel and B&B’s that are close to the Hampton Inn and Homewood Suites (location of AGM):

Delta Hotels by Marriott Halifax : Scotia Square, 1990 Barrington St, Halifax, NS B3J 1P2 - marriott.com

Delta Hotels by Marriott Barrington : 1875 Barrington St, Halifax, NS B3J 3L6 - marriott.com

Hertz Halifax Marriott Hotel Halifax NS : 1919 Upper Water St, Halifax, NS B3J 3N2 - herts.com

Prince George Hotel Halifax : 1725 Market St, Halifax, NS B3J 3N9 - princegeorgehotel.com

MarieGold B&B : 6318 Norwood St, Halifax, NS B3H 2L1 - marigoldbedandbreakfast.com

The Pebble : 1839 Armview Terrace, Halifax, NS B3H 4H3 - thepebble.ca

At Robie’s End B&B : 836 Robie St, Halifax, NS B3H 3C1 - robiesend.com

Directions to the Hotel

Airport to Hampton Inn by Hilton Halifax Downtown

From the New Brunswick border

Without tolls (37mins)

-Get on NS-102 S from Bell Blvd

-Continue to West End, Halifax

-Continue on NS-102, take Connaught Ave, Chebucto Rd, Cunard St and Cogswell St to Brunswick St

With Tolls

-Get on NS-102 S from Bell Blvd

-continue on NS-102 S. Take NS-118 to Barrington St in Halifax. Take Barrington Street exit from NS-111 N

-continue on Barrington St. Drive to Brunswick St

-Get on Trans-Canada Hwy/NB-2

-Continue on Trans-Canada Hwy. Take NS-102 S to Barrington St in Halifax. Take the Barrington Street exit from NS-111 N

-Continue on Barrington St. Drive to Brunswick St.

2017 Conference Location :

Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy

6960 Mumford Road Suite 180 Mumford Professional Centre, Halifax, NS B3L 4P1

Website : http://collegeofmassage.com/halifax/

Hotel closest to CCMH Halifax (location of conference):

Best Western Plus Chocolate Lake : 250 St Margarets Bay Rd, Halifax, NS B3N 1J4  - bestwestern.com

Directions to Canadian College of Massage & Hydrotherapy

Hampton Inn by Hilton Halifax Downtown to CCMH

From the New Brunswick border

-drive from Cunard St and Chebucto rd to West end

-drive to your destination


-head North on Brunswick St toward Cogwell St

-Turn left at the 1st cross street onto Cogswell St

At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Cogswell St

-continue onto Quinpool Rd (signs for NS-102)

-at the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Chebucto

-turn left

-turn right

.-Get on Trans Canada Hwy/NB-2 E

-Follow Trans Canada Hwy and NS-102 S to Joseph Howe Dr in Halifax. Take exit 0 from NS-102 S

-Continuw on Joseph Howe Dr to your destination in West End

History of Halifax


Fall Events 2017


Get closer to Nova Scotia



****More Conference Information Coming In The Following Weeks***

Online Registration Here

 2017 CSMTA - Halifax AGM Package -Final.pdf


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