CSMTA Major Games Selection Criteria

Members are encouraged to go to the members only section to download the application form. 

Certification Candidates may apply to Minor Games only (Canada only).

Certified Members may apply to all games (Major & Minor).  Certified Members from Quebec are only eligible to apply for National events (within Canada) i.e. Provincial or National games outside of Quebec upon the completion of 1000 hours of education, the CSMTA Education Program and the written certification exam.

Selections Criteria

Every year, there is at least one and usually multiple calls for selections to Major Games including the Olympics, Pan Am Games, Commonwealth Games, World University Games and the Francophone Games. Requests come to the CSMTA from the Canadian Olympic Committee to help staff the Canadian Health Care Team, which travels with Canadian athletes to these events. The CSMTA Selections Committee works with the COC to ensure the most qualified and experienced therapists are chosen for each particular event.

In conjunction with the COC, the CSMTA Selections Committee has developed a set of guidelines and an application form for CSMTA applicants. Calls for selections to Major Games are usually announced approximately one year in advance of the event. The announcement is posted online and distributed by e-mail to the eligible applicants. Certified members in good standing with the CSMTA are automatically included and depending on the event and number of overall applicants Candidate members may also be included in the invitation to apply. Even without a formal invitation, Candidate members are free to apply. This can provide valuable experience for Candidate members so that they can understand the point system of evaluation and ensure an up-to-date CV is always at hand.


1. Chair of the selection committee receives communication from the Medical Missions Team.

2. Chair of the selection then communicates with the CSMTA National Office for official call for applicants.

3. National Office through e-mail blast and website posting sends out the call for applicants to serve on the medical team.

4. Once the Selection committee is finished with its nominations the names are forwarded to the National Office to ensure the members are in good standing.

5. Those names are then forwarded to the Medical Missions Manager. Once the Medical Missions manager has selected their candidates, the Selections Chair is notified by either the Chief therapist or Chief Medical Officer.

6. Nominated candidates are notified by either the Chief Therapist or Chief Medical Officer, not the CSMTA Selections Chair.

7. CSMTA and chosen candidate do not disclose nominated candidates until announcements have been made (media press) or the candidate has been given permission from the COC.

8. Once given the go ahead the CSMTA will announce via web-posting and e-mail blast the nominated candidate or candidates.

"How Does One Get to a Major Game?"

As CSMTA Selections Chair, this is a question I receive time and time again. To answer this question, one needs to understand who it is who decides who is selected and how this process works.

The CSMTA only nominates therapists from among our members, we do not select who gets named to work at a particular event. Secondly, our nominations are only for the Core Health Services Team (HST). We do not have a say with respect to NSOs bringing their own therapists, more on that later

When calls for nominations arrive at my desk, the turn-around time is incredibly short. 

Members: keep your CVs updated with all the appropriate documentation required on our application forms, see selection criteria.

The time-frame for nominations is often so short that our committee cannot follow-up with you regarding documentation: if you don't have the appropriate documentation for particular lines on your CV, that activity cannot factor into your final ranking.

The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) and the Medical Missions Manager (MM), the Chief Therapist (CT) & Chief Medical Officer (CMO) have the final say on which medical professionals are selected for each Major Game.

All of the Expert Provider groups (CATA, CSMTA, SPC, CASEM & RCCSS) are asked to submit ranked candidates for consideration. Each Game will have particular demands; hence the Medical Missions Team will form a team of Health Care Providers to assist

Canadian athletes succeed while competing abroad based upon those demands and the resources (finances) that they have to work with.

The Host Medical Team for each Games, large or small, is balanced by many variables, whether it be regional representation, gender equity, language skills, particular manual skill sets and lastly, experience and/or inexperience.  For example, the CT & CMO will often select therapists with less experience for the lesser-known Games to gradually bring new people up through the ranks.

With respect to language skills, the CT will look for balance within the entire HST, not necessarily just with Massage Therapists. The only Games that bilingualism is pretty much a prerequisite is the Francophonie Games.

When it comes to the Olympics, the Medical Missions Manager message is clear… ‘'No New Faces', meaning that if the Medical Missions team has not seen your face in any of the other Games leading up the Olympics in that particular quad, you won’t be considered for the HST.

There are other Games that are used as 'development' stages for the CT & CMO, and our committee encourages CSMTA members to gain experience by volunteering for those lesser-known events, this give you valuable experience working in a team dynamic.

The Medical Missions team wants to see if you help the team in other ways, are you a burden or a pleasant, hassle-free team player?  Such opportunities exist with the following Games:  Francophonie Games, Universiade Games, Canada Games, Pan Am Games, and the Paralymmpic Games.

So, don't turn your nose at something like the Canada Games, these smaller Games are huge stepping stones! Remember our Mission Statement: "The CSMTA enhances the health care needs of Canadian athletes from grassroots to the professional level".

There is, though, another path through which our members have worked Olympic Games. That route means working directly with a NSO (National Sport Organization). Some of the bigger users of SMT in Canada are ice hockey, soccer, athletics, rowing & swimming.

There are smaller sports, but I wanted to identify the larger ones. So, if you are living in a larger urban, that could also mean working with canoe or kayak in Eastern Canada, reach out to see if there are opportunities to work directly with a NSO of your interest.

Members should be aware that there is no honorarium for the CORE Health Services Team however, often an honorarium exists for those therapists dedicated to a particular NSO. This is in part because of the much larger time commitment that a dedicated therapist has with that NSO to get to that Major Game.

Then we have members who say, yes, but I don't live near a training center, I would ask you to go back and review our selection criteria; you'll notice that there is a good blend of scoring offered to our members no matter which stream that you decide to work, NSO, core, larger or smaller Games. But it all starts with a first step, start with a first step!

Ed Ratz CSTMA Selections Chair


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