2020 Sport Event Massage  for  massage students and  Health  Care Professionals (Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Athletic Therapists) 

Date: March  21st , 2020 

Where:  CCMH Toronto ( Canadian College of Massage and HydroTherapy) 250 Davisville, Toronto

Instructor:     Remo Bucci, RMT SMT(C)

Teaching Assistant: Kristy Wiltshire  RMT SMT (C) BA kin

CSMTA and CCMH present

Sport Event Massage for:

 Massage Therapy Students, Students from other therapies, and Health Care Professionals

Developed by Certified Sport Massage Therapists. Their experiences range from treating at National and International sporting events. They also have been a part of the Integrated Support Team (IST) for Provincial, National, and Professional teams. Emphasis is placed on the practical component, supported by current best practices.

Techniques learned in this course can effectively and easily be transferable in both sporting event and clinical practice. Time and tested protocols for event massage will be explained so that participants will leave with confidence in implementing them to their athletes.

For  Further Information   and  to   register   see  below

Cost:  Participant                      Early bird (until Mar 6)            Regular payment (Mar 7-20)

CCMH Student                       $125                                     $150

All Other Students                 $175                                     $200 (Includes MT, AT, PT, Chiro)

HCP                                          $230                                     $255 (Health Care Professionals incl AT, PT, Chiro)

CCMH Clinic Instructors        Free                                      Free


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